Weekly Overview for Oct. 11-15, 2010

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Friday, October 15, 2010

 Autumn has finally arrived with its cool, crisp air, fabulous foliage and with its sweet smells of baked pumpkin pie!  Our kindergarteners have been busy learning about Pumpkins!  Our field trip to Eden’s Place will be on Thursday, October 21st.  Please remember there is no school on Friday, October 22nd. 

We are also performing in the Spanish Assembly on October 26th, so please make sure to come and see our dance performance.

 Reading:  During  our Reading/Literacy block, we are learning to work in small groups and to read independently.  Independent reading is a time when students self-select and independently read appropriate books. Each child has a reading box that is filled with books at their reading level and of their own interests.  During this time, I work with a group of students for guided reading instruction. This enables me to work with children that need help learning their letters, beginning sounds, etc. while introducing emergent reading text to children who are ready to begin reading in small group situations.

 This week, I introduced our Whisper Phones, that are PVC pipes that allow students to readtheir leveled reader at the teacher table to themselves.  While students are reading, I am observing what reading cue strategies and systems they are using. 

 Reading to Self using our Whisper Phones

Letter of the Week was P and students learned two new songs, “The P Food Song “and “The Popcorn Song” We read the nursery rhyme, Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater.


Our Fourth grade Reading Buddies from Room 310

Every morning we have 5-6 students from 4th grade, reading to their kindergarten buddy.  The students read a story and then assist their buddy in completing their Reading Response Journal. This week we focused on identifying the Beginning, Middle and Ending of a story. Our kindergartners usually draw, label or dictate a sentence with assistance from the 4th graders. 

 Math: We focused on identifying the penny, nickel and dime and counting by 5s and 10s.  The students also played “Flip the Coin” and marked tallies of how many heads and how many tails and discussed probability. We also counted backwards from 12-0. Please practice this at home.

 Social Studies:  We had a visitor from the Red Cross, Ms. Victoria that discussed Fire Safety with our students.  Since we covered Fire Prevention the week before, our students had a plethora of information to share!  Last week , we also had two fire drills and I must compliment our kindergarten class on following our procedures and making safe choices. 

 Science: In order to prepare for our field trip to the pumpkin patch, we have started a Pumpkin theme.  Students worked on different projects with pumpkins—Sink/Float, measuring the width of a pumpkins, Life cycle of a pumpkin and so much more!  The main objective of these projects is: to collect, describe and learn to collect information through discussion, drawings and charts, exploring the natural process of growing and then creatively presenting or expressing what we learned.


Homework Ideas: (Please send it in to share after it is complete, so we can celebrate your child’s hard work!)

 * Skip count by 10s and 5s to 100- look for the Hundreds Chart in the red folder  for this.

* Create a Fire Escape Plan for your home.

* Have your child find as many nickels at home and count by 5s.

  Please visit Mrs. Zivko’s blog, for reading and math  websites at  http://zivko.cuipblogs.net/.

 Just a few reminders:

 1. Please have your child gather small items that start with the A  letter/sound  for next week.  Please send them in the small brown paper bag.

 2. Please remember to pay our school fee of $85.00.  This fee helps us to purchase workbooks and materials that assist us in our learning instruction.

 3.  Our Literacy block Sign-up sheet is outside of Room 101, if you are interested in reading to a small group of students.

 4. Snacks for next week: Jeremie, Johnson, Torin, Kai and Yiding.        

 October Birthdays     

 October 3rd-Paul

October 4th-Rebecca

October 9th-Kai   

 A special thanks to all the parents that have made a donation to our cooking projects, volunteered during recess or lunch time or have cut out materials for us! I really appreciate this!


 Kindest Regards,

Mrs. Piscitelli                              


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