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Room 101 News                                                                                                                                                                                                Friday, October 29, 2010

Room 101 performed a wonderful dance in our Spanish Assembly! Que Magnifico! Many thanks to Mr. Walter and the parents that helped in getting our students ready in costume!


Reading:   During  our Reading/Literacy block, we read the big book,  A Visit to the Forth Worth Zoo and discussed different animals with descriptive words.  We worked in a cooperative group setting to make “informational bubbles” about different animals with pictures cut from magazines, written words and sentences.

I am also sending home two reading books that are at your child’s reading level on a nightly basis. Please have your child read these books  to you and also practice the sight words that are in a Ziploc bag. I am requesting that parents purchase a plastic pouch to hold our sight words


Letter of the Week: was O—  OH, what a fun week we had studying the letter “O”! We learned all about octopuses and owls, and created information webs to share the interesting facts we learned about each animal. Each student created an edible octopus during cooking Friday…please be sure to ask your child about our yummy treat.

WritingWe were busy learning to write sentences—distinguishing between letters and words, starting each sentence with a capital letter and ending it with a period, and putting spaces between words. We will continue to work on this next week as well!


Math: We are practicing writing our numbers correctly from 0-20.  Please practice this at home with your child.  Some of the students have started writing their numbers up to 100 using a number grid. We also practice our numbers aloud during circle time up to 100.  We are looking forward to our 100th day in school and are counting the days !  We are at day 32!!


Science: We read about Owls and Octopus and learned interesting facts about these animals.  We discussed what a predator, hunter and prey is. 

We also wrapped up our Pumpkin life cycle unit and students were able to take home their pumpkin plants in their Ziploc bags.    




Homework Ideas: (Please send it in to share after it is complete, so we can celebrate your child’s hard work!) 

 * Cut out pictures of animals and write sentences to describe your animal. Use color and sight words.

*Practice skip counting by 5’s 10’s to 100.

*Make a list of words that begin with “C” at the grocery store.

*Practice simple addition facts 0-9. Use beans as counters to help solve the problems. i.e. 2+3=


Just a few reminders:

1. Please have your child gather small items that start with the letter C /sound  for next week.  Please send them in the small brown paper bag.

2. As the weather gets colder, please remind your child that they must bundle up and wear their coats, scarves and gloves when we go outside for recess.



Have a Wonderful Weekend!!

 Mrs. Piscitelli

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