Weekly Overview-December 2, 2010

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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Brr…it’s starting to feel a lot like Winter is finally here! 

Literacy/Reading: This week we started “ The Gingerbread Man” Literacy Unit and have enjoyed several different versions of the story.  We worked on identifying the problem and solution of the story, plus comparing the various different characters in the Gingerbread Man stories.  We will continue this unit  as we read and compare many different versions, we  will discuss comprehension strategies such as retelling, summarizing, character traits, questioning, and making connections. 



Letter of the Week: was G—  We worked on Grrreat activities  with the letter G and connected it to our Gingerbread Man Unit.




Reader’s Response Journals/Writing: During our Literacy block, we read with our partners various stories at each child’s reading level.  Please note that your child is at a particular reading level that is focused on developing reading comprehension skills and strategies. The children chose their favorite parts from the story and write why it was their favorite.  This is a great way to incorporate standard of responding to literature.   






Math: We worked on measuring the perimeter of many items found in our classroom with paperclips, beans, unifix cubes and teddy bear counters. We also measured the perimeter of a gingerbread pattern and really helped students counting  on their own.  





Science: We started discussing Winter Animals and identifying them as well as their habitats and how they prepare for the Winter. 

We also enjoyed a Holiday/Thanksgiving Science experiment of making our own butter. We used the butter for our crackers and enjoyed them with our Friendship Salad that we made. 





1. Practice writing, “How to..stories”, so that  your child focuses on writing steps to complete a task.  Some ideas may be, How to Make a Snowman,  or How to Decorate a Tree”

2. Practice counting by 5’s, using nickels. Also practice making A, B, C patterns with colors or shapes. Ask your child to explain this type of pattern.

3.Read a story to your child and have them identify the setting, characters, problem and solution.

Just a few reminders:

1. Please have your child gather small items that start with the letter I for next week.  Please send them in the small brown paper bag.

2. International Night is December 9th, more information will be available by next week.

3. Next week, I will send out your child’s Reading Profile and a progress report.


Keep Warm,

Mrs. Piscitelli





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