Week of January 3rd-7th, 2011

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Room 101 News                       

 Friday, January 7, 2011

 Happy  2011 and welcome back! We have been very busy this past week. 


Reading: Our Winter and Snow Theme is under way  and we have read several books.  In Sadie’s Snowman, we focused on words that show order—First, Second, Third, Then and Last. We focused on painting a snowman melting in sequential order and used our sequential and sight words.   In the story, Snowmen at Night, we read about some snowmen’s wintry pursuits and we focused on identifying details in the story.  Our students made some wonderful snowmen and wrote about their snowman’s silly adventure. Please check out our bulletin board” What Can Your Snowmen Do at Night? in our classroom .  Phonics: Letter of the Week: was V/sound— We focused on singing the V song.  We also reviewed Short a words, and learned phonics digraphs, Ch & Sh. We included Chaeyoon and HaoCheng in our list! Heart Words: In the classroom, we are up to reading 40 words—keep practicing them at home. List #3 will be sent in your red folder..soon! 

Math: We focused on addition problems up to 12 and played several games with dice and spinners.  Students were also introduced to word story problems and it will be assigned next week as our daily homework.

Science:  Brrrr!! We are starting our Penguin Unit and have read several Non-fiction books and completed “Our Schema” anchor chart filled with background knowledge and new information that we have learned about s ix different types of penguins. Emperor, Fairy, Chinstrap and Macaroni are our top favorites. Ask your child to name more! There were new vocabulary words that were introduced: insulation, regurgitate, rookery, blubber and environment.  Please have students find more information on penguins through the internet. 




We conducted two simple experiments, to show how penguins stay warm. We made a blubber (polar bear mitt ) and an oil-petroleum jelly(penguin mitt) and submerge our hands in ice cold water to learn about insulation and blubber. The children were amazed to be able to feel how the blubber helps heat the penguin and keep them warm!  We made several observations and recorded our data. 






Also, the Great Melting Ice Experiment was done in cooperative groups.  The students worked together and used salt, hand sanitizer, paper towels and their hands to melt the ice the fastest!

Homework Ideas: (Please send it in to share after it is complete, so we can celebrate your child’s hard work!)

* Make a small booklet about penguins that include our heart words or our vocabulary words .

* Help your child write two addition word story problems that include their classmates and use the + and = signs. Illustrate them with pictures.

* Write a list with as many “ch” and  “sh” words.


Just a few reminders:

1. Please have your child gather small items that start with the letter Z/sound for next week.  Please send them in the small brown paper bag.

2. DIBELS and ACCESS testing will continue next week. A report will be sent home on Feb. 2nd with our Report Cards.

3. Nathan  is the Student of the Week and willshare his poster with us on Monday.

4. Please send in a picture of your child in the snow. I have only received 5!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Mrs. Piscitelli

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