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Room 101 News              

Thursday 27, 2011








Reading: We read the story “Turtle Splash” and “What a Beautiful Sky” and focused on why is important to know what happens first, next, and last in a selection.  Students then had chance to demonstrate a sequence of events through pictures and sentences.




Writing: During Shared-Writing time, we wrote a simple story about going camping and focused on having a beginning, middle and ending.  We used a graphic organizer to complete our own stories that had to have a beginning, middle and ending and added details to make our story better.

In our Writing center, we played sentence in a bag, where children pulled out a sentence and copied it onto paper and made an illustration to go with it.  This game incorporated our sight words and emphasized spelling

Phonics: Sound of the week “Sh” digraph and the children brought in all things that started with the sh sound. 

 Sight Words:  are, now,  come, me, with, my, you, what.  Please practice reading and writing our sight words. Students should be able to write a sentence for each word. 

Math:  In Everyday Math, we worked on writing our numbers 1-100 and then onto the 200’s, 300’s..   We will continue working on our number charts with a goal of writing up to 500 and to 1,000.  Please practice this at home, we still have a few students writing their numbers backwards.  We also worked on reading 2 digit numbers and making tens and ones with straws.  

1,000 Club!! Congratulations!!

Paul & Nathan





Science: Investigating snow and snowflake formation was our theme this week.  We discussed snowflake formation and  we then acted it out – pretending to be little ice crystal friends attracting more and more friends until… 







We made a huge snowflake  and started to fall into the sky.  Next week, we will make snow- ice crystals through a simple science experiment.  Since we had so many students out this week, I wanted to wait so that everyone could be there. I will send home the recipe as well!

Homework Ideas: (Please send it in to share after it is complete, so we can celebrate your child’s hard work!)     

   * Write sentences for your sight words. Encourage your child to sound out words and to use upper and lowercase letters.                                                        

 * Practice writing your numbers from 1-100 and beyond.                                                            

  *Practice the Morning Show Announcement dialogue. Our class is responsible for this, the week of February 7.

Just a few reminders:

1. Please have your child gather small items that have the “Gr” sound for next week.  Please send them in the small brown paper bag.

2. We will be celebrating Groundhog Day on Tuesday.

3. Kevin is the Student of the Week and will

share his poster with us on Monday.

4. A class list will be sent home for our Valentine Day’s Party.

 Best Regards,

Mrs. Piscitelli

 Star of the Week!!

We really enjoy learning about our friends during this time!



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