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Room 101 News Friday, March 25, 2011








Literacy: Roar!!! We have had so much fun learning about Dinosaurs! The week before our unit started my dog found (wink, wink) an egg in my backyard. We made inferences about what we thought was inside it based on its appearance.  We did record our  guesses on a chart. Next, I gave three clues to what was in the egg and the children had to write their new inferences based on the clues they were given. Of course, it was a dinosaur!







During our literacy time, we have incorporated new centers, one that was very popular was the Spin to Read game, with a top and sight words. Students had to graph each time the top landed on a word and record it on their chart. Once they reach the top with a word the game is over and they count up their totals. They could also write the word in each box. Our kids love to graph! 













Math: We are still working on counting money and singing a song Penny, Nickel, Dime and have introduced the Quarter and Half-Dollar.  Also we had an eggs-cellent time with our new math center. Roly Poly Eggs which included plastic eggs with two flat marbles inside them with numbers that students had to add.


Sight Words: is, how, find, this, will, go, be, for


 Science: Tenebrio Molitor, also known as a mealworm or darkling beetle are here in Room 101.  We will watch them go through metamorphosis during its life cycle.  Watching the life cycle of a mealworm can be a very educational experience for kindergarten or better yet, our eager budding entomologists! So far, we have made observations, labeled the lifecycle and anatomy. We had mealworm races, (which were quite funny and exciting) and also charted the mealworms’ favorite color(s).



Homework Ideas: (Please send it in to share after it is complete, so we can celebrate your child’s hard work!)

* Make a list of short o words, hop, stop, dog, dot.

* Go on a word hunt in magazines and newspapers, have children cut out all the words they can read.



Just a few reminders:

1. No School for students on Friday, April 1s. Professional Development Day.

2. The Star of the Week is Kebron and he will share his poster with us on Monday.

3.Field Trip to Click Clack, Moo/Museum of Science and Industry-Please turn in the permission slip and money by Thursday, March 31.   We must have the payment in early in order to reserve the tickets for the play.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Piscitelli




Meditation to help us relax and have a wonderful time in Kindergarten!





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