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Friday, April 29, 2011

 Thank you, Mr. Walter for the piñata. Feliz Dia de los ninos!


Literacy: During Literacy we read two of David Shannon’s great books, “Good Boy Fergus” and “Duck on a Bike”, to practice distinguishing between “fantasy and reality”. As a whole group, we made a T-Chart with  specific events that were either fantasy or reality. Then each student created their own book cover and we sorted them into groups (fantasy or reality?).   









 Visualizing: We focused on creating mental pictures or a movie in our brain when a poem was read aloud. This gives readers a chance to interact with the text in a way that’s personal to them. We begin our unit with very simple poems and stories and gradually add stories which require them to use their schema and background knowledge to conjure up an image. ”My Neighbor’s Dog is Purple” is a great poem to use to begin this unit. Not only is it very simple and fun, but it also shows readers that Mental Images can change as you read.








Sight Words: little, what, said, make, here, that







Math: Subtraction Train, What’s My Rule-In and Out Boxes and Fractions. During our math stations, students focused on subtraction trains by rolling a dice and subtracting from 20 connected unifix cubes. Students also were introduced to “What is my Rule?”, and the In and Out Boxes from the Everyday Math curriculum.  At this time, we are adding numbers as a rule. For fractions, we discussed whole and equal parts and identified ½, 1/3, and ¼.  We used fabric, graham crackers, apples and pizza for further investigations.


Science: Our mealworms have now become darkling beetles and we have made observations using our bug magnifier boxes—since they are very active ground beetles. The beetles usually live in dark, cool, moist places, like under rocks and log.We will continue our Insect Unit with the arrival of the pill bugs or roly poly bugs in a few weeks


Beetles are here!










Homework Ideas: (Please send it in to share after it is complete, so we can celebrate your child’s hard work!)

* Draw a silly bug and write what your bug looks like and what it can do.

* Write your numbers, counting by 2’s to 40.

*Make a list of things that we do or see in the summer.

* Read a story and identify things that are real or fantasy.




1. The Star of the Week is Lily and she will share her poster with us on Monday.

2. Please send in your field trip form/money for the Brookfield Zoo.  I need six to seven chaperones for this trip on May 11th.

3. Room 101 Wish list: Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer and glue sticks.






Have a great weekend!


Mrs. Piscitelli


Finally a sunny day! Enjoy!


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