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Room 101 News

Friday, May 6, 2011        

It’s starting to feel like springtime. So we decided to go outside and truly enjoy this wonderful sunny weather. We made a list of all the things that happen in Spring and all the things we can do with the weather change in Spring. 

Enjoying a sunny day...









Literacy: During Literacy, we started our writing unit on poems. In the beginning, we write list poems and then move onto other types of poems. So this week, we composed “ In the Spring”  list poems with illustrations.

 We read, The Very Ugly Bug and did a character analysis. They labeled the parts of the ugly bug  using the vocabulary from the story. The pink heart tells how the bug felt at the beginning of the story.The other side of the heart tells how she felt at the end. After discussing the story we decided that theme was, Just bee yourself!


Sight Words: little, what, said, make, here, that

We played some new sight word games..

 “Vrroom.Reading Cars” with our new sight words.






Math: We used pattern blocks to create an insect. After the students created their own insect, they constructed a graph to show how many of each block they used. Then they added the number of two kinds of blocks together to solve addition problems.

 Social Studies: Communities  We discussed about the different types of communities that there are – town, city, and country. Our essential question: What kind of community do you live in? Students made small houses/apartment buildings from our milk cartons(from our morning breakfast on the go).  They also wrote their address on their homes and on their maps they labeled the streets and added stores, parks and Lake Michigan.











Homework Ideas: (Please send it in to share after it is complete, so we can celebrate your child’s hard work!)

* Practice counting backwards from 20 to 0. Write out the numbers counting down on the paper.

* Write a list of zoo animals—See how many you can think of!

*Mother’s Day is this Sunday, Write 1-2 sentences telling what you like to do with Mom.

*Ask your child to tell you the time, focus on the hour and half hour.



Just a few reminders:

1. The Star of the Week is Kai and he will share his poster with us on Monday.

2. Please send in your field trip form/money for the Brookfield Zoo.  I still have six students that have not paid.

3. Brookfield Zoo Field trip is on Wednesday, May 11. Please send a disposable lunch with your child’s name on it.

3. The chaperones for the field trip, should bring a backpack or a tote bag to carry 3-4 student lunches. I will send more information on Monday for this Field trip.


Happy Mother’s Day and have a great weekend!

Mrs. Piscitelli

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