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Room 101 News

 Friday, May 13, 2011        










 A special thanks to all our parent volunteers that were such great help at the Brookfield Zoo! Also, I would like to thank everyone for the beautiful flowers and card for teacher appreciation day. I am so appreciative of all the supportive and caring families that I have this year! Thank-you!

Literacy: We are continuing to read various nonfiction and fiction books about life cycles. We are going to begin working on the frog lifecycle. We will be reading various books to help us gather information to learn facts. So far, we have gathered many interesting facts about frogs! Please ask your child to share them with you. In addition, we will work with fictional books and identify characters, setting, and main idea. We will also practice sequencing. In addition, we are working on sentence reading and matching the sentence to the corresponding picture. This helps us practice our comprehension and reading fluency.









Writing: In writing, we are working on applying everything we have learned into our sentence writing. The children should be able to write their first and last name with a capital letter and lowercase letters. Also, children are encouraged to write a complete sentence with correct capitalization, spacing, and punctuation. The words should be spelled in “kid writing;” therefore, the words should have a beginning, middle, and ending sound. For example, if your child wanted to write the sunny, they may write it as “sune” and this would be acceptable because they are hearing the sounds in the word. The children are asked to segment the word to help hear the sounds.








Math: In Everyday Math, we played the game, Monster Squeeze, which we used the number line to have students guess the targeted number set by the other player. The other child provides clues to the number by stating that it is too low, too high, smaller, bigger, greater or less. Even at an early age, games provide opportunities for kindergartners to improve their memory and concentration skills.







 Graphing Money was another math station that was incorporated during center time. Students were able to collect and record information, as well as make comparisons with their peers.






Science: In Science, we read the big book, From Seed to Sunflower, then discussed the life cycle of the sunflower and planted sunflower seeds.  We made our own paper sunflowers and labeled the seeds, petals, roots, leaf and flower

The Morton Arboretum and Ms. Garcia provided us with pine seedlings in celebration of Arbor Day.  We were also given a few pine trunks to investigate and we counted the rings to determine the trees’ age. 

Next week, we will study Van Gogh’s series of Sunflower paintings and paint our own version. 

Homework Ideas: (Please send it in to share after it is complete, so we can celebrate your child’s hard work!)

* Do some research on frogs and write 1-2 facts and draw a picture of a frog.

*Write your numbers to 100, counting by 5’s.

*Practice writing a complete sentence and draw a picture for it.

*Ask your child to tell you the time, focus on the hour and half hour.







Just a few reminders:
1. Kyan is Star of the Week and he will share his poster with us on Monday!

2. This week, we will make Grassy Caterpillars, please send in a knee high stocking for this project

3. On Wednesday, we will make Dirt Cake, so I am asking for donations of Oreo cookies (4 packages), Vanilla/Chocolate Pudding (3-4 instant boxes), 2 bags of shredded coconut and 3 bags of gummy worms. If you are able to make a donation, please send it in..it is greatly appreciated!

4. Click Clack Moo/Museum of Science/Industry field trip is on Friday, May 20. Please send a disposable lunch with your child’s name on it.

Since we only have a set number of tickets for this play, we are only permitted to bring one parent to see the play. We will draw straws that morning. I will ask the other parent to wait for us upstairs in the museum. The performance of the play is one hour and then we will explore the museum in small groups. Please let me know if you are interested, we need 6 parent chaperones.


Best Regards,

Mrs. Piscitelli

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